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Breath and Meditation

     It is very important to commence your meditation practice half an hour before sunrise and sunset and this time is called Sandhi kala. During this time dual nostril ( Sushumna) operation is in progress and aids in centering. Another important point to note is to expressly state the purpose and time for which you are going to meditate. You can choose any asana (posture) with a relaxed body and vertical spine. You could sit on the edge of your bed or a chair with your back away from the backrest.  

     The next important factor is the position of your eyes. You can choose Shambhavi Mudra eye, where you focus your closed eyes on the middle of the eyebrows ( eyebrows center) and be in a relaxed state or you could choose the Agochari Mudra , where you focus your eyes on the tip of the nose near the nostrils. You could use Chin Mudra of the hands when you are seated on the chair so that the back of the palms rest on the thighs. If the place is noisy, you may plug your ears with earplugs.

     Once you have relaxed in your asana with the above mudras, it is time to start your meditation. Imagine Mahaprana (Vital Cosmic energy) all around you and a hollow body within. You are now absorbing this Mahaprana from the space around you ( This space and Prana transcend the entire Cosmos). This Mahaprana is called prana when it enters your body. Prana being energy is not perceptible to your senses. Now, clearly feelchin the path of the pranic energy ( not the physical air youbreathe) as it enters your body. The starting point of this prana, outside the body is called BahyaDvaDashanta (BDD) ( external point twelve finger widths from the eyebrow center). This prana then enters the nostrils, goes to the eyebrow center , to the top of the head and rests at a point twelve finger widths below the throat center , inside your body. This point is called Hrit. 

So, the inhalation goes from the external BDD to the Hrit point. Now, wnidra1.2ith the eyes in Shambhavi Mudra, listen to the sound of the breath as it moves in and out. Be with the breath as it moves from the outside-in to inside-out completing its cycles as you visualize the path in your mind’s screen. If you continue this process for half an hour, you will achieve centering. If you feel drowsy, you may lie flat on your back on the bed and the practice will continue. If instructed by a Guru, you may merge a mantra like “Om” with each inhale and exhale or you could merge the HamSah (हंसः)  mantra which is being chanted automatically without your awareness. Use Ha (ह) with the inhale ending with am at the Hrit ( Ha + am ० = Ham (हं) and Sa (स) with the exhale ending with ‘ah’ at the BDD ( Sa + ah := Sah (सः)



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Mathematics made easy with breath and yoga

     Many students excel at all subjects with the exception of mathematics. Mostly right brain-hemisphere dominated individuals who are very creative, find mathematics to be a tough nut to crack. One reason is that the use of images becomes very difficult for maths and you cannot associate memory with an image to store information and retrieve it later.

     There is a very simple way to make use of breath to excel at maths or other logic driven subjects. As you are already aware (breath and success) there is a direct correlation between nostril dominance and brain hemisphere dominance. We are concerned here with the left-brain hemisphere or the logical brain.We need to activate this hemisphere when studying maths. The solution is to activate the right nostril and keep it active during the course of the maths study.

     If you are into swara yoga you can change nostril dominance with the mind! However, it is not easy for most people. So, there is another ancient method of the seers to physically change nostril dominance with a device called the yoga danda. We cannot expect students to use a danda today to study maths in schools and colleges, so i have found an easy substitute. dandaYou can substitute the danda with a small tube and an elastic band. I have used an empty container of glucose shots commonly available and inserted an elastic band to hold it in place.The band can be joined together by staples and this portion may be retained in the middle of the tube.

     Once ready, this tube has to be inserteddanda1 in the left arm pit and held in place there. A slight pressure can be applied on the tube using the upper arm for a few minutes.Soon, the right nostril will dominate indicating that the left or the logical brain hemisphere is dominating.
You can check this by closing either nostril with the thumb and  breathing 5-6 times through the other. When the right nostril is fully open you can start studying maths! This method can also be used for any study where long term memory (LTM) is necessary. Happy maths to you!

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Breath and desire manifestation -II

centersLet us talk about the three most important centers of the being: the center of existence which connects the child to the mother in the womb, “I AM”, therefore I exist. The heart center, “I feel” and the thinking center, “I think”. The Jnana marg or the path of knowledge comes from the “I think” center and the Bhakti marg or the path of devotion is seen mostly among beings centered in the “ I feel” or the heart center. Today,we think so much that we have lost the capacity to feel. So, as the scriptures say, be a child again! When I tell friends to get into the feeling, they get into thinking of the feeling! Now, let me mention a simple method how you can get to the center of consciousness and be a child again.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Asana, or a still body. The best and the easiest asana is Shavasana or the dead man’s pose where you sleep on a mat legs apart so that the thighs do not touch each other, arms away from the body and palms up.
    Asana for a still body
    Asana for a still body

    You could also sit on a chair without touching your back to the chair rest and knees at a ninety degree angle with the thighs.Use any insulator like a mat under the feet. A still body causes all the karmendriyas or action organs to stop functioning and hence the brain relaxes. This is the first requirement. The body must remain absolutely still but not tensed……just relax.

  2. Pranayama , or breath awareness. I am not referring to the alternate nostril breathing, known as nadi shodhana but simple relaxed dual nostril breathing, with awareness of each  inhale and exhale. As discussed in the previous post, breath is the vital link between the body and the mind. The Manomaya kosha being more subtler than the Pranamaya kosha, awareness of each breath becomes very important. Here I will recommend the simple method of Satyananda Saraswatiji with minor modifications : imagine a hollow glass tube within your body from the navel to the throat under the skin. sitImagine two voids at these end points of the glass tube, one at the throat and the other at the navel. Now, on every inhale imagine/visualize a glowing light ball moving from the throat to the navel inside the tube. On every exhale imagine/visualize a glowing light ball moving from the navel to the throat inside the tube. At each end the light ball enters the void as you automatically pause between every inhale and exhale.

To improve awareness, add a reverse number countdown to the breath. Start with a number like 27 or 54 or higher. e.g. On every inhale say mentally ,”I am breathing in 54” as you visualize the glow from the throat to the navel. On exhale say mentally ,”I am breathing out 54” as you visualize the glow from the navel to the throat. Then change 54 to 53,52,51 with every breath till you reach 1. If you miss the count go back to 54 and start again. Do not suppress any thoughts but only be aware of every breath you take.

If you have followed all the steps, when you reach the number 1 , i.e “I am breathing out 1”, you will be at the center of consciousness. It is here that you perform affirmation and visualization and get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled, until you fall asleep.

Now, what will you do when you wake and find that the wish is not yet fulfilled? LET GO. This is a vital step where most people fail. They get so attached to the fruits of the desire , that fear of failure gets to them and is manifested!! I am not implying that you do nothing. During the activity of the conscious mind, act and feel as if your desire is already manifested, having full faith in the infinite supreme intelligence of the universe. An act it will, in proportion to your faith! The scriptures say ,”As you believe,so it shall be done unto you”.  e.g. you are seeking a job and you visualize reading an appointment letter and get into the feeling…..the universe acts, you get an sms,whatsapp,email from a source, which exactly matches your desire, then YOU ACT. Don’t sit and keep visualizing after the universe has acted. It is now your time to act! So, to sum it up, feeling is the secret and no amount of thinking will help. Now, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so try it out yourselves, with small desires first, the one you have not tried before and created mental blocks. The day is not far away when you can create images at will,and then you will have the “key”.

Breath and desire manifestation – I

Now we come to the very important topic of desire manifestation. Now, you may ask, why have desires at all? Why not be desire-less and live a peaceful life. Well, two things come to my mind, meditation cannot be done on an empty and hungry stomach worrying about paying EMI’s  and if all you decide to renounce, what will you renounce? Desire or rather unfulfilled desire is one of the primary causes of rebirth. Of Course you need sense and action organs to chase these desires and in the process, you create karmas, because of your sense of doership. Now, we have to use the mind to fulfill all worldly desires and transcend it to realize the true self. It is very important to keep in mind the following criteria before we proceed to manifestation:

  1. Worldly desires will manifest only because of the joy you will feel after fulfillment.
  2. Do not seek for the ego i.e comparing your lack of it with another.
  3. Do not seek against the will of another nor should it cause harm to others.
  4. Believe that you can have it or be it.
  5. Do not ever condemn what you are trying to seek.

Since we have to use the mind for manifestation, let us recall the mind and the levels of consciousness. It is important to understand this very well as the secret lies in the gap! The conscious mind , when we are awake, externalizes our senses and we move to the periphery of the circle, being constantly subject to the inputs from them. This represents what you want  and what you know.states

The sub-conscious mind is infinite and represents what you are! So, no amount of using the conscious mind and thinking will fulfill your desires. You may say , “ I am a millionaire” for several lives but you will continue to be what you are. During the Swapna state, the senses are internalized. As already mentioned, there is an interstitial gap between these two states which is God or super-consciousness. Now, with these basics, let me proceed to steps in desire manifestation. I am greatly influenced by Neville Goddard ( 1905-1972 ) in this method and am using yoga to reach the state which western authors refer to as the center of consciousness.

First let us start with you:

  1. Know definitely what you want : you may be surprised that majority of the people do not know what they want and what it is that they are seeking! And by chance , even if they knew what they wanted, their object of desire changes every day or week! What you want is your vision or desire. This is known as “thinking of”. e.g. I want wealth. I want happiness. Now, the unconditioned pure consciousness , I AM (AHAM)  is conditioned with the desire for wealth. So, now we say, “I AM aware of wealth”.
  2. Now that you know what you desire, step two is to determine what action indicates the fulfillment of your desire. e.g. playing with snow in Switzerland, driving the car I love, opening my new house door, receiving the award , hugging my beloved,signing the agreement, receiving the cheque  and so on.
  3. Having finalized the action you will perform when your desire is fulfilled, enact the same in your imagination i.e use all your senses, in imagination, as you are performing the action “here and now”. e.g. You hear your colleague say , “well done” or you see the ocean view from the veranda, or you touch the snow and feel the cold sensation. It is important to imagine and feel it happening “now” in time and “here” in space and see it as you would, in action. Do not travel to the place of action but shrink the space in between and feel it happening now and not in the future. This is important because the universe can only exist in the eternal now and your mind can be only in the past or the future!
  4. In this final stage, just before going to bed, remove the pillow for spine alignment and get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled in your imagination. Use a sankalpa or affirmation like , “ Thank you mother for…..” , “ I am happy for ……”, “ The infinite intelligence of the Universe has…….”, “ Thank you lord for……”. Keep on affirming the sentence in your mind as you visualize and feel your self in action performing the act ,which implies wish fulfillment. Do this till it is very vivid and real in your imagination. So, vivid that you can almost touch it! We will later discuss the method or sadhana to achieve this state of awareness in dream state. Now,


I AM aware of wealth.


I AM wealthy.

              I am using wealth frequently as it is the number one desire today. The blank third line above is the most important. You cannot move from step I AM or from step I AM aware of wealth  to I AM wealthy, without completing line three. And, the most important line three is I AM aware of being wealthy. Un less you can feel different from what you already are, you will continue to remain as you are. No amount of thinking or wish-full thinking or positive thinking will help you unless you can change the way you feel .You will be not be able to feel differently unless you put your conscious mind to sleep and remain aware. The detailed method follows.

Breath and success

Breath and Success
How often do we ask ourselves, “ Am I timing it right ?”, “ Is this the right time?”, “Should I do it now?”, and , because we do not know the answer we resort to other occult methods like numerology,astrology,tarot etc. Now, what if I tell you that the right answer is always within you, and that one only needs to know the way. Most scriptures say , “ The kingdom of heaven is within you” or “ Yat bramhande tat pinde i.e. The universe exists within you.” So, what is in the macrocosm, is within the microcosm of the body. So, if we find a way to synchronize our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, we will always get it right!
As discussed earlier, even though the human body has some 72,000 nadis (psychic energy channels), three of them namely Ida (left), Pingala (right) and Sushumna (central) are considered to be the most important. The Ida nadi is connected with the left nostril and the Pingala with the right nostril. The Sushumna , central channel, runs through the spine. All the three nadis merge at the eyebrow centre, which is the location of the third eye or the Ajna chakra.
left right brain.jpg
Brain hemisphere dominance
The ancient seers found out that, at any given time, only one of the channels is dominant, resulting is dominance of either the left or the right nostril breath. When the Ida nadi or the lunar channel is dominant, the flow through the left nostril is dominant and the right nostril is congested. Conversely, when the Pingala nadi or the Solar channel is dominant the flow through the right nostril is dominant and the left nostril is congested. During changeover, the Sushumna runs briefly for about four minutes. You can verify this yourself by blocking one nostril and breathing through the other for 4-5 inhales and exhales. Surprised? This is a very significant learning : at any given time, only half your brain is in operation and that too only with around 10-15 percent usage! Both these brain hemispheres , referred to as right and left brain have distinctly different functions. The left brain is the linear, logical brain concerned with action and the externalization of senses. It is called the objective brain. The right brain is the creative brain and deals with intuition, desire and the internalization of senses and is the subjective brain. Each person has to check for himself and find the running/dominant nostril.
cross.jpgIt is observed that this nostril dominance lasts for 60 to 80 minutes followed by dual nostril dominance for 4 minutes.Then the congested nostril takes over.Thus, the alternate nostril flow continues throughout the day and night. The sequence is L-R-L-R ……. Changing every 60 minutes or so. What modern neurologists have discovered (what the seers knew thousands of years ago) is that, left nostril flow is connected with the Parasympathetic nervous system and with the right brain for creative dominance. Right nostril flow is connected with the Sympathetic nervous system and left brain for logical dominance. The dual nostril dominance is connected with the Cerebrospinal nervous system.
Now, it is very beneficial to carry out creative activities during left nostril dominance and physical action during right nostril dominance. For this, it is very critical to know the dominant nostril and hence brain dominance at the time of sunrise.The nostrils are directly connected with lunar cycles and we need to understand the lunar day called Tithi and the lunar month. As the moon takes 28.5 days for one revolution around the earth, a lunar date will not correspond with a solar date. During the bright half or the Shukla paksha for the waxing moon, the left nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15 and the right nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence is LLLRRRLLLRRRLLL.   During the dark half or the Krishna paksha for the waning moon,  the right nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15 and the left nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence is RRRLLLRRRLLLRRR.
Moon phases.jpg
Lunar phase (Tithi) and nostril dominance for Swara Calendar
        So, we need to synchronize our breath with this lunar rhythm to take advantage of this great universal energy. These being lunar days, calculation of the dominating nostril at sunrise cannot be done without referring to an almanac.
        To calculate this rythm accurately, the following data is needed: your current location, sunrise time for that location, lunar day or tithi, rotation of the earth and the moon, together with the nostril dominance sequence.When the Lunar nadi/Left nostril runs on Lunar days ( Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri) and the Solar nadi/Right nostril runs on Solar days (Sun,Tue,Sat) at Sunrise, these days are considered to be very  auspicious days because of the synchronization of the universal rythm with the individual consciousness. So, for success and right timing, when on a given day, the left nadi is auspicious do all your work related to that nadi, when the left breath is running. Similar method can be used for days when the right nadi is auspicious.What do we do on other days? On the other days, it is best to perform Left nostril (right brain) activities on Mon,Wed,Thu and Fri when the left nostril is running and to perform Right nostril (left brain) activities on Sun,Tue and Sat when the right nostril is running during the day.
        Now, the choice is with you to control your destiny! Quoting from Shri. Johari, “Doing the right thing at the right moment makes one unique – a genius, whereas, doing the right thing at the wrong time makes one stupid”. 
This secret along with all the complicated algorithms is now available in the form of an free android app called “destiny control” from the Google store. You can download it for free and use your own breath for success. A monthly Swara Calendar is also included to schedule events. If you practice purification and breath awareness, you can go one step further : you can change nostril dominance with the mind!!