Breath and desire manifestation – I

Now we come to the very important topic of desire manifestation. Now, you may ask, why have desires at all? Why not be desire-less and live a peaceful life. Well, two things come to my mind, meditation cannot be done on an empty and hungry stomach worrying about paying EMI’s  and if all you decide to renounce, what will you renounce? Desire or rather unfulfilled desire is one of the primary causes of rebirth. Of Course you need sense and action organs to chase these desires and in the process, you create karmas, because of your sense of doership. Now, we have to use the mind to fulfill all worldly desires and transcend it to realize the true self. It is very important to keep in mind the following criteria before we proceed to manifestation:

  1. Worldly desires will manifest only because of the joy you will feel after fulfillment.
  2. Do not seek for the ego i.e comparing your lack of it with another.
  3. Do not seek against the will of another nor should it cause harm to others.
  4. Believe that you can have it or be it.
  5. Do not ever condemn what you are trying to seek.

Since we have to use the mind for manifestation, let us recall the mind and the levels of consciousness. It is important to understand this very well as the secret lies in the gap! The conscious mind , when we are awake, externalizes our senses and we move to the periphery of the circle, being constantly subject to the inputs from them. This represents what you want  and what you know.states

The sub-conscious mind is infinite and represents what you are! So, no amount of using the conscious mind and thinking will fulfill your desires. You may say , “ I am a millionaire” for several lives but you will continue to be what you are. During the Swapna state, the senses are internalized. As already mentioned, there is an interstitial gap between these two states which is God or super-consciousness. Now, with these basics, let me proceed to steps in desire manifestation. I am greatly influenced by Neville Goddard ( 1905-1972 ) in this method and am using yoga to reach the state which western authors refer to as the center of consciousness.

First let us start with you:

  1. Know definitely what you want : you may be surprised that majority of the people do not know what they want and what it is that they are seeking! And by chance , even if they knew what they wanted, their object of desire changes every day or week! What you want is your vision or desire. This is known as “thinking of”. e.g. I want wealth. I want happiness. Now, the unconditioned pure consciousness , I AM (AHAM)  is conditioned with the desire for wealth. So, now we say, “I AM aware of wealth”.
  2. Now that you know what you desire, step two is to determine what action indicates the fulfillment of your desire. e.g. playing with snow in Switzerland, driving the car I love, opening my new house door, receiving the award , hugging my beloved,signing the agreement, receiving the cheque  and so on.
  3. Having finalized the action you will perform when your desire is fulfilled, enact the same in your imagination i.e use all your senses, in imagination, as you are performing the action “here and now”. e.g. You hear your colleague say , “well done” or you see the ocean view from the veranda, or you touch the snow and feel the cold sensation. It is important to imagine and feel it happening “now” in time and “here” in space and see it as you would, in action. Do not travel to the place of action but shrink the space in between and feel it happening now and not in the future. This is important because the universe can only exist in the eternal now and your mind can be only in the past or the future!
  4. In this final stage, just before going to bed, remove the pillow for spine alignment and get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled in your imagination. Use a sankalpa or affirmation like , “ Thank you mother for…..” , “ I am happy for ……”, “ The infinite intelligence of the Universe has…….”, “ Thank you lord for……”. Keep on affirming the sentence in your mind as you visualize and feel your self in action performing the act ,which implies wish fulfillment. Do this till it is very vivid and real in your imagination. So, vivid that you can almost touch it! We will later discuss the method or sadhana to achieve this state of awareness in dream state. Now,


I AM aware of wealth.


I AM wealthy.

              I am using wealth frequently as it is the number one desire today. The blank third line above is the most important. You cannot move from step I AM or from step I AM aware of wealth  to I AM wealthy, without completing line three. And, the most important line three is I AM aware of being wealthy. Un less you can feel different from what you already are, you will continue to remain as you are. No amount of thinking or wish-full thinking or positive thinking will help you unless you can change the way you feel .You will be not be able to feel differently unless you put your conscious mind to sleep and remain aware. The detailed method follows.


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