Breath and desire manifestation -II

centersLet us talk about the three most important centers of the being: the center of existence which connects the child to the mother in the womb, “I AM”, therefore I exist. The heart center, “I feel” and the thinking center, “I think”. The Jnana marg or the path of knowledge comes from the “I think” center and the Bhakti marg or the path of devotion is seen mostly among beings centered in the “ I feel” or the heart center. Today,we think so much that we have lost the capacity to feel. So, as the scriptures say, be a child again! When I tell friends to get into the feeling, they get into thinking of the feeling! Now, let me mention a simple method how you can get to the center of consciousness and be a child again.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Asana, or a still body. The best and the easiest asana is Shavasana or the dead man’s pose where you sleep on a mat legs apart so that the thighs do not touch each other, arms away from the body and palms up.
    Asana for a still body
    Asana for a still body

    You could also sit on a chair without touching your back to the chair rest and knees at a ninety degree angle with the thighs.Use any insulator like a mat under the feet. A still body causes all the karmendriyas or action organs to stop functioning and hence the brain relaxes. This is the first requirement. The body must remain absolutely still but not tensed……just relax.

  2. Pranayama , or breath awareness. I am not referring to the alternate nostril breathing, known as nadi shodhana but simple relaxed dual nostril breathing, with awareness of each  inhale and exhale. As discussed in the previous post, breath is the vital link between the body and the mind. The Manomaya kosha being more subtler than the Pranamaya kosha, awareness of each breath becomes very important. Here I will recommend the simple method of Satyananda Saraswatiji with minor modifications : imagine a hollow glass tube within your body from the navel to the throat under the skin. sitImagine two voids at these end points of the glass tube, one at the throat and the other at the navel. Now, on every inhale imagine/visualize a glowing light ball moving from the throat to the navel inside the tube. On every exhale imagine/visualize a glowing light ball moving from the navel to the throat inside the tube. At each end the light ball enters the void as you automatically pause between every inhale and exhale.

To improve awareness, add a reverse number countdown to the breath. Start with a number like 27 or 54 or higher. e.g. On every inhale say mentally ,”I am breathing in 54” as you visualize the glow from the throat to the navel. On exhale say mentally ,”I am breathing out 54” as you visualize the glow from the navel to the throat. Then change 54 to 53,52,51 with every breath till you reach 1. If you miss the count go back to 54 and start again. Do not suppress any thoughts but only be aware of every breath you take.

If you have followed all the steps, when you reach the number 1 , i.e “I am breathing out 1”, you will be at the center of consciousness. It is here that you perform affirmation and visualization and get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled, until you fall asleep.

Now, what will you do when you wake and find that the wish is not yet fulfilled? LET GO. This is a vital step where most people fail. They get so attached to the fruits of the desire , that fear of failure gets to them and is manifested!! I am not implying that you do nothing. During the activity of the conscious mind, act and feel as if your desire is already manifested, having full faith in the infinite supreme intelligence of the universe. An act it will, in proportion to your faith! The scriptures say ,”As you believe,so it shall be done unto you”.  e.g. you are seeking a job and you visualize reading an appointment letter and get into the feeling…..the universe acts, you get an sms,whatsapp,email from a source, which exactly matches your desire, then YOU ACT. Don’t sit and keep visualizing after the universe has acted. It is now your time to act! So, to sum it up, feeling is the secret and no amount of thinking will help. Now, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so try it out yourselves, with small desires first, the one you have not tried before and created mental blocks. The day is not far away when you can create images at will,and then you will have the “key”.


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