Mathematics made easy with breath and yoga

     Many students excel at all subjects with the exception of mathematics. Mostly right brain-hemisphere dominated individuals who are very creative, find mathematics to be a tough nut to crack. One reason is that the use of images becomes very difficult for maths and you cannot associate memory with an image to store information and retrieve it later.

     There is a very simple way to make use of breath to excel at maths or other logic driven subjects. As you are already aware (breath and success) there is a direct correlation between nostril dominance and brain hemisphere dominance. We are concerned here with the left-brain hemisphere or the logical brain.We need to activate this hemisphere when studying maths. The solution is to activate the right nostril and keep it active during the course of the maths study.

     If you are into swara yoga you can change nostril dominance with the mind! However, it is not easy for most people. So, there is another ancient method of the seers to physically change nostril dominance with a device called the yoga danda. We cannot expect students to use a danda today to study maths in schools and colleges, so i have found an easy substitute. dandaYou can substitute the danda with a small tube and an elastic band. I have used an empty container of glucose shots commonly available and inserted an elastic band to hold it in place.The band can be joined together by staples and this portion may be retained in the middle of the tube.

     Once ready, this tube has to be inserteddanda1 in the left arm pit and held in place there. A slight pressure can be applied on the tube using the upper arm for a few minutes.Soon, the right nostril will dominate indicating that the left or the logical brain hemisphere is dominating.
You can check this by closing either nostril with the thumb and  breathing 5-6 times through the other. When the right nostril is fully open you can start studying maths! This method can also be used for any study where long term memory (LTM) is necessary. Happy maths to you!

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