Cosmic mind and breath

cosmic mind

     The absolute reality is omnipotent , omniscient, omnipresent, eternal and perfect. It is timeless, spaceless and formless. It’s power and that which limits it is called Maya. They are co-eternal with Maya being the material cause of the Universe. The first evolute of Maya is Virad , the cosmic mind which mentally creates the Universe and stores all the events in the form of akasic records.

     From the first manifested entity ,the cosmic mind evolves Apah or the cosmic plasma, which when infused with Prana , the cosmic vitalising energy causes spanda or vibration producing heat and Akasa or space. Apah, Prana and Akasha are in a dynamic state of flux and form the Hirangarbha or cosmic egg.

     The explosion of the cosmic egg called the big bang, results in the formation of quanta, microparticles and ultimately stars and  galaxies. So, the Cosmic mind , Space and Prana are all pervading and present in each and every manifested entity in the Universe. 

    The universal consciousness transforms to prana in an individual human being. The autonomic process of breathing results in the absorption of prana from the space around us through the medium of air, which contains oxygen. So, when we say prana, we refer to the energy of breath and the vital link between our individual mind and the Universal mind.

Distilled from the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Brahmasutram and Upanishads.


2 thoughts on “Cosmic mind and breath

  1. PRANAM,
    I would like to learn about meditation via breathing for my sol’s & mind peace. Also to Sharlene’s my brain on target.


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