Rajeev Naik is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt , electronics engineer and lean consultant. He is  researching  Kashmir Shaivism, Veda, Yoga and other scriptures for the last 23 years ,  to innovate for humanity, making life easier to live.

     Hamsah.org , “success lab for the soul” is an initiative by his  Visarga Foundation , a charitable trust, whose main objective is to distill the essence of  Indian scriptures for use by humanity. Important Tantras, Vedas and Yogic texts are researched with modern scientific equipment to help mankind fulfill desires to ultimately expand awareness to the self realization stage.

     Ancient Indian revealed wisdom  and modern technology like mobile apps are amalgamated to make lives of people better. One such effort is a free Swara Calendar app called Destiny Control , which can be used by anyone who breathes, to sync his individual mind with the universal intelligence for success in his day to day activities.

     Research is in the final stages to develop an app based on the Naadi scriptures enabling any one with a smartphone to unravel the secrets of the seers with astrology, a part of the Vedas.

     Individual guided meditation labs are conducted regularly at the city success lab for centering of mind, enabling sankalpas or affirmations to be sowed deep into the sub and unconscious mind. Connectivity with the infinite intelligence of the Universe is used for desire manifestation: health, wealth, peace and most other desires. “Get yourself out of the way and let the universe manifest ” is the theme.

     The HamSah ashram, which is a 150+ year old mud structure, was blessed by H.H Swami Vimuktananda Saraswati on Mahashivratri day many years ago and is used for group sessions. Latest technology like biofeedback and brainwave EEG readers are used to facilitate centering of the mind.

Email me on info@rajeevnaik.in for queries.




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