Bahirnyasa: external rotation of consciousness in Yoga Nidra.

    Video shows the essential tantra technique of bahirnyasa or external rotation of consciousness. The idea is to rapidly shift awareness from each location and continue the sequence a number of times before commencing meditation practice. This must be done preferably in shavasana with closed eyes and concentrating on the body part briefly.


Individual mind and the cosmos

     Space is all pervasive, so is the cosmic mind and Prana ( with it’s vibration or spanda ). Imagine an infinite number of pots. potsEach pot has space in it. Each pot serves as a container for that space. Similarly, the cosmic mind and the individual mind. Each micro structure acts as a container for the cosmic mind. So, each human being can be considered to be a pot filled with the same space which  is available throughout the universe. However, rather than identifying himself as one with the universe, the human being identifies himself with the pot and the shape the space has taken within it. This body identification or ego is the wall which blocks the human being  from reaching is source, it’s true self. This is how the lord plays the “Lila” or game of life by making the human being believe that he is the body with limited power, whereas he is one with the universe at all times. If and when the pot is broken, the space within the pot merges with the space outside and is no longer differentiated.

    The cosmic mind is with us at all times and responds to our imagination. “Imagination “is the tool which connects your individual mind to the cosmic mind, transcending space and time in an instant. ind mindNow comes the major problem of all humanity : being unconscious, the cosmic mind ( always one with you) will manifest good as well as bad, so long long as the thought has your conviction. Thus, being one with the cosmos, or God, at all times, the individual human mind manifests from a thought all the things he believes in and not what he wants or wishes for. The only true free will you have then is to choose your thoughts.

     The cosmic mind is one in all and infinite and being so is indivisible. The individual mind constantly responds to sense stimuli to help the true self within know it’s surroundings and itself. Each of the objects of the five sense organs is saved in cosmic memory. With evolution, the individual mind has become a mechanism to seek pleasure and avoid pain. All the painful memories are hidden away into the subconscious mind as samskaras and auto activate themselves without the consent of your conscious mind. Just like the mother earth will grow any seed you plant and water ,without distinguishing whether it’s a poison weed or a fruit tree, the universal mind is ready to manifest whatever seed you plant and water. So, choose wisely!

     Breath , being the glorious link between the cosmic mind and your individual mind, is the tool to use in regular meditation to center yourself and create the scene of the wish fulfilled thereby planting the seed and watering it daily.



Cosmic mind and breath

cosmic mind

     The absolute reality is omnipotent , omniscient, omnipresent, eternal and perfect. It is timeless, spaceless and formless. It’s power and that which limits it is called Maya. They are co-eternal with Maya being the material cause of the Universe. The first evolute of Maya is Virad , the cosmic mind which mentally creates the Universe and stores all the events in the form of akasic records.

     From the first manifested entity ,the cosmic mind evolves Apah or the cosmic plasma, which when infused with Prana , the cosmic vitalising energy causes spanda or vibration producing heat and Akasa or space. Apah, Prana and Akasha are in a dynamic state of flux and form the Hirangarbha or cosmic egg.

     The explosion of the cosmic egg called the big bang, results in the formation of quanta, microparticles and ultimately stars and  galaxies. So, the Cosmic mind , Space and Prana are all pervading and present in each and every manifested entity in the Universe. 

    The universal consciousness transforms to prana in an individual human being. The autonomic process of breathing results in the absorption of prana from the space around us through the medium of air, which contains oxygen. So, when we say prana, we refer to the energy of breath and the vital link between our individual mind and the Universal mind.

Distilled from the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Brahmasutram and Upanishads.

The desire manifestation Lab

Breath and Meditation

     It is very important to commence your meditation practice half an hour before sunrise and sunset and this time is called Sandhi kala. During this time dual nostril ( Sushumna) operation is in progress and aids in centering. Another important point to note is to expressly state the purpose and time for which you are going to meditate. You can choose any asana (posture) with a relaxed body and vertical spine. You could sit on the edge of your bed or a chair with your back away from the backrest.  

     The next important factor is the position of your eyes. You can choose Shambhavi Mudra eye, where you focus your closed eyes on the middle of the eyebrows ( eyebrows center) and be in a relaxed state or you could choose the Agochari Mudra , where you focus your eyes on the tip of the nose near the nostrils. You could use Chin Mudra of the hands when you are seated on the chair so that the back of the palms rest on the thighs. If the place is noisy, you may plug your ears with earplugs.

     Once you have relaxed in your asana with the above mudras, it is time to start your meditation. Imagine Mahaprana (Vital Cosmic energy) all around you and a hollow body within. You are now absorbing this Mahaprana from the space around you ( This space and Prana transcend the entire Cosmos). This Mahaprana is called prana when it enters your body. Prana being energy is not perceptible to your senses. Now, clearly feelchin the path of the pranic energy ( not the physical air youbreathe) as it enters your body. The starting point of this prana, outside the body is called BahyaDvaDashanta (BDD) ( external point twelve finger widths from the eyebrow center). This prana then enters the nostrils, goes to the eyebrow center , to the top of the head and rests at a point twelve finger widths below the throat center , inside your body. This point is called Hrit. 

So, the inhalation goes from the external BDD to the Hrit point. Now, wnidra1.2ith the eyes in Shambhavi Mudra, listen to the sound of the breath as it moves in and out. Be with the breath as it moves from the outside-in to inside-out completing its cycles as you visualize the path in your mind’s screen. If you continue this process for half an hour, you will achieve centering. If you feel drowsy, you may lie flat on your back on the bed and the practice will continue. If instructed by a Guru, you may merge a mantra like “Om” with each inhale and exhale or you could merge the HamSah (हंसः)  mantra which is being chanted automatically without your awareness. Use Ha (ह) with the inhale ending with am at the Hrit ( Ha + am ० = Ham (हं) and Sa (स) with the exhale ending with ‘ah’ at the BDD ( Sa + ah := Sah (सः)



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Mathematics made easy with breath and yoga

     Many students excel at all subjects with the exception of mathematics. Mostly right brain-hemisphere dominated individuals who are very creative, find mathematics to be a tough nut to crack. One reason is that the use of images becomes very difficult for maths and you cannot associate memory with an image to store information and retrieve it later.

     There is a very simple way to make use of breath to excel at maths or other logic driven subjects. As you are already aware (breath and success) there is a direct correlation between nostril dominance and brain hemisphere dominance. We are concerned here with the left-brain hemisphere or the logical brain.We need to activate this hemisphere when studying maths. The solution is to activate the right nostril and keep it active during the course of the maths study.

     If you are into swara yoga you can change nostril dominance with the mind! However, it is not easy for most people. So, there is another ancient method of the seers to physically change nostril dominance with a device called the yoga danda. We cannot expect students to use a danda today to study maths in schools and colleges, so i have found an easy substitute. dandaYou can substitute the danda with a small tube and an elastic band. I have used an empty container of glucose shots commonly available and inserted an elastic band to hold it in place.The band can be joined together by staples and this portion may be retained in the middle of the tube.

     Once ready, this tube has to be inserteddanda1 in the left arm pit and held in place there. A slight pressure can be applied on the tube using the upper arm for a few minutes.Soon, the right nostril will dominate indicating that the left or the logical brain hemisphere is dominating.
You can check this by closing either nostril with the thumb and  breathing 5-6 times through the other. When the right nostril is fully open you can start studying maths! This method can also be used for any study where long term memory (LTM) is necessary. Happy maths to you!

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