Breath and success

Breath and Success
How often do we ask ourselves, “ Am I timing it right ?”, “ Is this the right time?”, “Should I do it now?”, and , because we do not know the answer we resort to other occult methods like numerology,astrology,tarot etc. Now, what if I tell you that the right answer is always within you, and that one only needs to know the way. Most scriptures say , “ The kingdom of heaven is within you” or “ Yat bramhande tat pinde i.e. The universe exists within you.” So, what is in the macrocosm, is within the microcosm of the body. So, if we find a way to synchronize our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, we will always get it right!
As discussed earlier, even though the human body has some 72,000 nadis (psychic energy channels), three of them namely Ida (left), Pingala (right) and Sushumna (central) are considered to be the most important. The Ida nadi is connected with the left nostril and the Pingala with the right nostril. The Sushumna , central channel, runs through the spine. All the three nadis merge at the eyebrow centre, which is the location of the third eye or the Ajna chakra.
left right brain.jpg
Brain hemisphere dominance
The ancient seers found out that, at any given time, only one of the channels is dominant, resulting is dominance of either the left or the right nostril breath. When the Ida nadi or the lunar channel is dominant, the flow through the left nostril is dominant and the right nostril is congested. Conversely, when the Pingala nadi or the Solar channel is dominant the flow through the right nostril is dominant and the left nostril is congested. During changeover, the Sushumna runs briefly for about four minutes. You can verify this yourself by blocking one nostril and breathing through the other for 4-5 inhales and exhales. Surprised? This is a very significant learning : at any given time, only half your brain is in operation and that too only with around 10-15 percent usage! Both these brain hemispheres , referred to as right and left brain have distinctly different functions. The left brain is the linear, logical brain concerned with action and the externalization of senses. It is called the objective brain. The right brain is the creative brain and deals with intuition, desire and the internalization of senses and is the subjective brain. Each person has to check for himself and find the running/dominant nostril.
cross.jpgIt is observed that this nostril dominance lasts for 60 to 80 minutes followed by dual nostril dominance for 4 minutes.Then the congested nostril takes over.Thus, the alternate nostril flow continues throughout the day and night. The sequence is L-R-L-R ……. Changing every 60 minutes or so. What modern neurologists have discovered (what the seers knew thousands of years ago) is that, left nostril flow is connected with the Parasympathetic nervous system and with the right brain for creative dominance. Right nostril flow is connected with the Sympathetic nervous system and left brain for logical dominance. The dual nostril dominance is connected with the Cerebrospinal nervous system.
Now, it is very beneficial to carry out creative activities during left nostril dominance and physical action during right nostril dominance. For this, it is very critical to know the dominant nostril and hence brain dominance at the time of sunrise.The nostrils are directly connected with lunar cycles and we need to understand the lunar day called Tithi and the lunar month. As the moon takes 28.5 days for one revolution around the earth, a lunar date will not correspond with a solar date. During the bright half or the Shukla paksha for the waxing moon, the left nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15 and the right nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence is LLLRRRLLLRRRLLL.   During the dark half or the Krishna paksha for the waning moon,  the right nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15 and the left nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence is RRRLLLRRRLLLRRR.
Moon phases.jpg
Lunar phase (Tithi) and nostril dominance for Swara Calendar
        So, we need to synchronize our breath with this lunar rhythm to take advantage of this great universal energy. These being lunar days, calculation of the dominating nostril at sunrise cannot be done without referring to an almanac.
        To calculate this rythm accurately, the following data is needed: your current location, sunrise time for that location, lunar day or tithi, rotation of the earth and the moon, together with the nostril dominance sequence.When the Lunar nadi/Left nostril runs on Lunar days ( Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri) and the Solar nadi/Right nostril runs on Solar days (Sun,Tue,Sat) at Sunrise, these days are considered to be very  auspicious days because of the synchronization of the universal rythm with the individual consciousness. So, for success and right timing, when on a given day, the left nadi is auspicious do all your work related to that nadi, when the left breath is running. Similar method can be used for days when the right nadi is auspicious.What do we do on other days? On the other days, it is best to perform Left nostril (right brain) activities on Mon,Wed,Thu and Fri when the left nostril is running and to perform Right nostril (left brain) activities on Sun,Tue and Sat when the right nostril is running during the day.
        Now, the choice is with you to control your destiny! Quoting from Shri. Johari, “Doing the right thing at the right moment makes one unique – a genius, whereas, doing the right thing at the wrong time makes one stupid”. 
This secret along with all the complicated algorithms is now available in the form of an free android app called “destiny control” from the Google store. You can download it for free and use your own breath for success. A monthly Swara Calendar is also included to schedule events. If you practice purification and breath awareness, you can go one step further : you can change nostril dominance with the mind!!

Breath Basics

Every living being breathes. So, all these words in my blog are for living beings, and especially for living beings with awareness : humans! Breathe does not discriminate on divisions created by humans for their selfish motives : race,religion,caste,color or creed.So, these words for all who can read and who live on this mother earth under the same Sun and Moon.
You are alive because you breathe! The most significant factor to note is that the breath does not need you, it goes on despite of you : right from birth to death, from childhood, adolescence, married life, old age and the various events,circumstances, emotions and feelings that the body and mind experiences, there is one unchanging constant : breath. This is because breathing is an autonomous process.So, breath is the the most important factor to any human being and yet the least explored. People have conquered the moon and mars but are yet to discover the potential of this phenomenon within you, the very cause of your existence, which gives you a name. You breathe and you have a name, you stop and you are a dead body without a name.
We know so little of this magnificent resource because we spend very little time with our own Self. We are forever surrounded by things and people being a slave to our senses : the very senses which are powered by breath. The only time we are centered within is when we are in the state of deep sleep, but alas this centering is without awareness.
i do.jpgThe breath is the vital link between the body and the mind. So, we can use breath for fulfillment of worldly desires as well as for realization of the self and liberation. For all worldly desires we use the mind and for self realization the mind is transcended. This is very important to know at the very start of this journey. Self realization does not need the mind and senses, because it the very Self (absolute consciousness) that powers the mind and the senses. We are so much driven by our unending desires that we are never centered in the SELF , and are forever on the periphery/circumference with I DO, I OWN, I HAVE, I FEEL and so on.

kosha.jpgBefore we go to use breath, we must know some fundamentals about the human being. The human body is just one layer of sheath called the Annamaya Kosha or the food body. There is a subtler sheath called the Pranamaya Kosha or the pranic body responsible for physiological functions like digestion. A more subtler dimension is the Manomaya Kosha or the mental body in charge of the mental and emotional processes. Now Prana or breath becomes the link between the body and the mind. Following the mental body is an even subtler sheath called the Vijnanamaya Kosha or the intuitive body responsible for psychic and causal aspects. The fifth and the subtlest sheath is the Anandamaya Kosha or the bliss body for transcendental awareness. These sheaths are directly related to the different states of the mind or the psychological aspect.

      So, we now come to the four states mind. In the attached picture the white area represents the infinite substratum called super consciousness or God consciousness which is the basis for the other states. The conscious state of mind is when you are awake. In wakeful awareness most humans are slaves of their senses.  Sub-conscious mind or the dream state is followed by deep sleep. These layers correspond to the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta frequencies of the brain. The most important point to note is that there exists a gap between each state, where you are one with HIM. HIM, your true SELF.

Now, let us put this all together! The food body and the pranic body are associated with the conscious state of mind and form the Stula sharira or the gross body. The mental body and the intuitive body are associated with the dream state or the sub-conscious mind and form the Sukshma sharira or the astral body. Finally the unconscious and superconscious psychological dimensions of the bliss body and form the causal and cosmic body.